NYC Honorary Street Names

"Q" Honorary Streets: Queens

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Qadri's Way (Queens)
Present name:110th Street
Location:Between 107th Avenue and 109th Avenue
Honoree: Qadri Skipper (1994-2012) was diagnosed with two very rare conditions called Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) and Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangectasia (HHT). Throughout his life, he promoted awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension and served as an inspiration to many. An Annual Memorial Scholarship was named in his honor at the America?s School of the Hero?s and Information Technology H.S. where he went to school. Seven students were awarded the Qadri Skipper Annual Memorial Scholarship because they displayed the qualities that Qadri showed everyone while attending classes. (Wills and Ulrich)
LL:L.L. 2016/23
Quisqueya Boulevard (Queens)
Present name:None
Location:Junction Boulevard and 37th Avenue (all corners)
Honoree: Honor the large Dominican population in the Corona section of Queens.

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