NYC Honorary Street Names

"K" Honorary Streets: Manhattan

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Katharine Hepburn Place (Manhattan)
Present name:East 49th Street
Location:between Second Avenue and Third Avenue
Honoree: Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003) the distinguished American stage and screen actress, had her New York home on this block.
King Stephen of Hungary Way (Manhattan)
Present name:East 82nd Street
Location:Between York Avenue and Third Avenue
Honoree: December 20, 2000 was the millennium of the coronation of Stephen as the first monarch of the Magyars. In 1000, Pope Sylvester II granted Stephen the title of King of Hungary. Stephen lived as an outstanding example of a husband and father such that he and his son Prince Imre, or Emeric, were recognized as Catholic saints, and his wife, Queen Gesilla, was recognized as a Catholic blessed.
LL:2001/ 60
Korea Way (Manhattan)
Present name:Broadway
Location:Between West 31st and 32nd Streets.
Honoree: Since the 1970s, this block has become the center of a thriving Korea-American business community. It includes Korean owned wholesale and retail firms, restaurants, television studios, banks and hotels. Many are represented in the New York Society of Korean Businessmen, founded in 1974.
Kudirat Abiola Corner (Manhattan)
Present name:None
Location:Northeast corner of Second Avenue and East 44th Street.
Honoree: Born Kudirat Adayemi in Nigeria in 1952, she attended the Muslim Girls Grammar School. At 21 she married Chief Moshood Abiola. They had 7 children. She founded a pharmaceutical company that became one of the leading businesses in West Africa. In 1993 her husband ran fo president of Nigeria. He was widely acknowledged to have gotten the most votes but the election was overurned by a militray coup and chief Abiola was imprisoned. Kudirat Abiola continued to campaign for demcracy in Nigeria. On June 4, 1996 she was assassinated by gunmen in Lagos.

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