NYC Honorary Street Names

"Z" Honorary Streets: Brooklyn

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Zachary Sansone Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:59th Street
Location:Between 14th Avenue and 15th Avenue
Honoree: Zachary Sansone (1916-2010) , with his wife, founded the Congress of Italian American Organizations (CIAO) in the 1960s.  It opened day care, senior and social service centers throughout the city and became one of New York’s city’s largest social service agencies.
Zenita Thompson Place (Brooklyn)
Present name:McKeever Place
Location:Between Sullivan Place and Montgomery Street
Honoree: No data.
Zichron Kedoshim Square (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of 53rd Street and 16th Avenue
Honoree: Following his liberation from the Buchenwald concentration camp, Rabbi Menashe Klein rebuilt the tattered remnants of the Ungvar (Czechoslovakia) Jewish community here in Brooklyn. The four-story Martyrs Commemorative Hall is at 53rd Street and 16th Avenue.
Zurana Horton Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:Intersection of Watkins Street and Pitkin Avenue
Honoree: Zurana Horton (1977-2011) was picking up her child from a school in Brownsville when she was killed by a rooftop gunman who had opened fire on a group of rivals on a crowded street. She was seen moments before she was shot, hovering over several children to protect them.

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