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"T" Honorary Streets: Brooklyn

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Tajmere Clark Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:Williams Avenue
Location:Between Blake Avenue and Sutter Avenue
Honoree: Three-year-old Tajmere Clark was shot to death and three others were wounded by a drunken man at a party. Her assailant was sentenced 65 years to life in prison.
Tamitha Freeman Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:Schenck Avenue
Location:Between Cozine Avenue and Flatlands Avenue
Honoree: Tamitha Freeman (b. 1966) worked for the Aon Corporation at the World Trade Center. She was killed in the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.
Tanaya R. Copeland Avenue (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:At the north side of Stanley Avenue and Sheridan Avenue
Honoree: Tanaya R. Copeland, an 18-year old nursing student at the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University, was fatally stabbed in May 2014 on her way to visit friends. (Barron)
LL:L.L. 2016/23
Terence "Terry" Gazzani 9/11 Memorial Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:Southeast corner of 97th Street and 3rd Avenue
Honoree: Terence Gazzani (b. 1977) worked for Cantor Fitzgerald at the World Trade Center. He was killed in the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.
The Father Patrick Kenny Triangle (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:Triangular area between East 68th and 69th Streets from Avenue T to Veterans Avenue.
Honoree: Rev. Kenny, born in Woodside in 1908, was ordained 1932. From 1932 to 1961 he served as parish priest at St. Gerard Majella in Hollis. In mid-1961 he was asked to start a new parish at St. Bernard's in the Mill Basin-Bergen Beach section of Brooklyn. For three years, until a school auditorium-chapel could be built, mass was helld in a huge tent raised on the property acquired by Father Kenny. He retired as pastor of St. Bernard's in 1980. and died on July 27, 1986.
The Greater Bright Light Place (Brooklyn)
Present name:Sutter Avenue
Location:Between Hemlock Street and Crescent Street
Honoree: The Greater Bright Light Baptist Church was organized in 1974 and since 1990 has been located at 1320 Sutter Avenue. It provides various outreach programs for the community’s children, the infirm, the aged and the homeless, such as an Early Learning Center, a Food Program, and a Home Care Program.
LL:2001/ 68
The Honorable Nicholas Coffinas Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:Schermerhorn Street
Location:Between Boerum Place and Court Street with the sign on the southeast corner of Court and Schermerhorn Streets
Honoree: The Honorable Nicholas Coffinas (1919-2006) began his judicial career as a Criminal Court judge, moving to administrator of that court, and finally served as a Supreme Court judge. After retiring in 1995, he was appointed as a referee to hear and dispose of cases pending appeal from the Supreme Court. He settled more cases than anyone else in Brooklyn court history.
The Reverend Doctor Joe Louis Parker Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:Broadway
Location:Between Cooper Street and Marion Street
Honoree: Reverend Doctor Joe Louis Parker (1940-2007) began serving at Wayside Baptist Church in 1960 under the leadership of Reverend Theodis Hutcherson. In 1972, he became a licensed minister and was installed as the second pastor of Wayside Baptist Church. He led efforts to combat social injustice and substance abuse.
The Street of Arts & Culture (Brooklyn)
Present name:Rockwell Place
Location:Between Lafayette Avenue and DeKalb Avenue
Honoree: The Rockwell Place area has always been a mecca of cultural programs. This designation honored the recent additions of the 651 Arts Group and the Mark Morris Dance Group.
LL:2001/ 81
Thelma Martin Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:At the northwest side of Atlantic Avenue and 3rd Avenue
Honoree: Thelma Martin (1940-2018) was executive director of the South Brooklyn Community Corporation where she organized the first Annual South Brooklyn Summer Festival. She was also a member of Community Board 16, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, and the New York State Association of Renewal and Housing Officials. She developed national, state and locally-sponsored programs including the Youth Development Delinquency and Recreational Program, the Commercial Revitalization Program, the Community Achievement Project, the Work Incentive Program and the Structured Educational Support Program. (Levin)
Theodora Lula Vourderis Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of 12th Street and Riegelmann Boardwalk
Honoree:  Theodora Lula Vourderis (1931-2019) owned and operated Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park with her husband for over three decades. Her and her husband bought and restored the Wonder Wheel in 1983 and she spent most of her time cleaning and cooking at the amusement park. She received the lifetime achievement award from the Alliance for Coney Island. (Treyger)
Thomas Francis Wise 9/11 Memorial Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:none
Location:Southeast corner of 6th Avenue and 78th Street
Honoree: Thomas Francis Wise (b. 1957) was killed in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
Thomas Guidice Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:Ainslie Street
Location:Between Manhattan Avenue and Graham Avenue
Honoree: Thomas Guidice (1927-2007) was a lifelong resident of the Greenpoint/Williamsburg community. He was a member of Community Board 1 and was President of the Conselyea Street Block Association as well as a Detective in the NYPD’s Citywide Auto Squad.
Thomas Joseph Sgroi A 9-11 Memorial Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:Northeast corner of 15th Avenue and 15th Street
Honoree: Thomas Joseph Sgroi, born in 1956 and raised in the Borough Park area, was killed in the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. At the time of his death, he was employed by Marsh and McLennan as Vice President for Technology and Information Services.
Tillie Tarantino Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of Conselyea Street and Leonard Street
Honoree: Tillie Tarantino (1931-2013) was a community activist in Williamsburg. She was the founding member of the Conselyea Street Block Association; the first Executive Director of the Swinging 60’s Senior Center for 30 years; and a leader in the Italian American movement of north Brooklyn. She was an active member of Community Board 1 and was a founding member of Greenpoint Renaissance Enterprise Corporation, a group of local organizations joining together to address a broad range of housing and healthcare issues facing the community. (Reynoso)
Timothy Stansbury, Jr. Avenue (Brooklyn)
Present name:Lexington Avenue
Location:Between Tomkins and Marcy Avenues
Honoree: Timothy Stansbury Jr. (1984-2004) was murdered by an officer of the New York City Police Department on the rooftop of Louis Armstrong Housing Project in Brooklyn.
Tohma Y. Faulkner Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:Decatur Street
Location:Between Tompkins Avenue and Marcus Garvey Boulevard
Honoree: Tohma Y. Faulkner (1954-2008) served as second vice chair of Community Board 3; on the board of directors of the Vannguard Urban Improvement Association; on the steering committee of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Gateway Business Improvement District; and was also active in the Bethany Baptist Church. A former president of the Brownstoners, she was also one of the founders of BedStuy Alive!, a week-long festival promoting tourism and stimulating community pride in one of the largest African-American communities in the United States. The Tohma Y. Faulkner Community Award is given to New York residents whose dedication and contributions to the Bed-Stuy community embody her legacy. (Cornegy)
Tom Feelings Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:Putnam Avenue
Location:Between Bedford Avenue and Nostrand Avenue
Honoree: Thomas Feelings (1933-2003), who grew up in Bedford-Stuyvesant, was a black artist and illustrator. By the mid 1970’s Feelings had illustrated six books, including a volume of diary extracts collected by Julius Lester, called “To Be A Slave.” He was passionately committed to encouraging black children to understand their own spiritual and physical beauty.
Tom Kane Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:At the intersection of 88th Street and Colonial Road
Honoree: Tom Kane, a life-long resident of Bay Ridge, was dedicated to the youth of his community. He was very active in sports, development and arts. He coached CYO baseball for many years and served as Commissioner of Baseball for St. Patrick’s Parish. He worked as a behavioral therapist for Thursday’s Child, an early intervention program for autistic children and was on the board of the Francesco Loccisano Memorial Foundation, which helps families of children fighting cancer. (Gentile)
Tony "The Barber" Nobile Way (Brooklyn)
Present name:None
Location:Northwest corner of 64th Street and 11th Avenue
Honoree: Antonio Nobile (1928-2002), born in Sicily, came to the US in 1968 and opened his first barber shop in Bensonhurst. In 1973, he opened his second shop in Dyker Heights, a business that became a fixture on 11th Avenue for the next three decades. Tony was such an institution in Dyker Heights that customers would continue patronizing his shop, or just stop by for a visit, even after moving out of the area.
Toussaint L’Overture Boulevard (Brooklyn)
Present name:Nostrand Avenue
Location:Between Glenwood Road and Flatbush Avenue
Honoree: François-Dominique Toussaint Louverture (1743-1803) was a Haitian general, now known as “the Precursor.” Born of slave parents near Cap-Français, Saint-Domingue (now Cap-Haïtien, Haiti), Toussaint was self-educated. He acted as physician to the insurgent army and became a leader of the Haitian slave revolt, a 1791 black slave uprising against the French colonial regime. After France abolished slavery in the territory in 1794, Toussaint supported the French rulers of the country against British invaders and was made a general in 1795. In 1801 he succeeded, after many struggles, in liberating Saint-Domingue from French control and became president for life of a new republic. In 1802 Napoleon sent troops under the command of his brother-in-law, General Charles Victor Emmanuel Leclerc, to subdue the Haitians. Toussaint was defeated, captured, and accused of conspiracy. He was taken to France, where he was imprisoned at Fort-de-Joux, and died the next year. He is honored today as one of the founders and heroes of Haiti. (Williams and Cumbo)
Toussaint Louverture Boulevard (Brooklyn)
Present name:Nostrand Avenue
Location:Between Glenwood Road and Eastern Parkway
Honoree: Toussaint Louverture (c. 1743-1803) was a leader of the 1791 Haitian slave revolt against the French colonial regime. After France abolished slavery in 1794, Toussaint supported the French against British invaders and was made a general in 1795. In 1801 he succeeded in liberating Saint-Domingue from French control and became president of a new republic. In 1802 Napoleon sent troops to subdue the Haitians. Toussaint was imprisoned in France, where he died. He is honored today as a founder and hero of Haiti.

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